Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pawling, NY Boardwalk

crew prepares van and trailer for a trip to New York for a boardwalk project

the famous rocketship along the AT between our campsite and the boardwalk

a biologist studying wood turtles finds one with leeches on his belly that has yet to be tagged

messy project worksite with helical piers

andy pumps some iron,
they're helical piers not dumbells you musclehead!

kerri levels joists

ron and andy using pier driver

group shot at the train station

local trail stakeholder brian and alan plumb up girders for boardwalk support

the crew is very proud of their work at the end of the week

rain showers of Sand Spring

group shot as we head out for Blackburn Center

a visit to the harper's ferry headquarters

rockin and rollin

alan clears the way

lunch with shelter from the storm

rogebo a rakin

kevin and carol clearing the way

crib with step to protect roots

enjoying a forest of fog near Blackburn Center

last morning at blackburn center; is that sunlight I see?

johnny the knive puts a sharp edge on a mattock

Aaron gives those McClouds a nice orange shine

a tour of 2005's MATC boardwalk along the Conodoguinet
and also a preview of the design for week 8's project in Pawling, NY

bernheisel bridge

kevin and carol take a walk on the AT on the Scott Farm

Bear Mountain a second time around

the crew with mascot "feather" the dog

chris on a highline

ron catches the spectacular morning mist over the hudson via his nikon

a morning sit atop bear mountain

leaning with a highlined boulder

sophie shows ron how it's done

finished crib wall complete with stainless steel pins used for setting first tier of wall on unlevel bedrock

creative fun on days off

stephanie checks out an AT stone etching done by trail crew in the 1920's

an autumnal rainbow row in the canoe

Wind Gap

the crew looks to be in high spirits for the work week

andrew seems to have found a hole to dig

erecting the trailhead sign board at the Wind Gap parking lot with help from Benton McKaye

Neal and Pat doing what they do best

improved from last year, some nicer looking more permanent gargoyles along the sides

a group shot showcasing our new trailhead signboard

the new and improved staircase at Wind Gap

Bear Mountain, NY

highline crew

ron and neal rig up a large stone for the highline

display of basic tools used to split stone
step 1 score straight line with shaping hammers parallel to grain of stone

step 2 drill holes along the scored line

step 3 set feathers and wedges and make some music, listen for crispy crackling noises as the crack slowly appears

sean gives the rock xylophone a try

dawn and sean tag team this boulder

splitting 8inch thick rectangular prisms out of five foot long boulder for a step stone in the trail

landing another highlined boulder

sean uses two shaping hammers to rift a stone into a more suitable wall rock



eddie and bob overhaul a griphoist

pat neal and katherine beneath a tarp shelter during a fall storm
still happy campers!